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car pkg crowd street res set assist location unit base traff mgt

ESO are a full service security and logistics provider to the Film & Television production industry, offering an unrivalled security service 365 days a year, providing exceptional quality and multi-skilled personnel, in order to ensure the safety of your cast, crew, location and equipment. Our reputation speaks for itself, which is why Location Managers offer testament to this on our website.

We work tirelessley with location and production staff, local authorities and the general public in order to ensure good public relations; facilitating and maintaining a good relationship with the location owner, keeping them informed of any appropriate updates.


We will also assist with the manoeuvre of any vehicles, acting as banksmen to safely reverse or help drivers to negotiate tight turns or narrow entrances.

It is vital that we are able to 'pave the way' so to speak, in preparing residential and commercial areas, making it possible to filming, by ensuring that the production complies with local authority regulations in the reserving of parking bays/streets for filming. We will work diligently with the council and locals, ensuring to the very best of our ability that production and crews are isolated from these concerns and able to 'focus' on the job in hand; FILMING!



We work in conjunction with all other departments on set, unit base, location and in the studio. Whilst it is not within the general remit of security, our goal is to be a 'vital cog' in the machinery of any production. As such, we can assist with generator supervision and refulling, fuelling and filling of bowsers, implementation of suggestions from on-site medics and health and safety executives, general site safety and supervision and pretty much ANYTHING that is sensibly asked of us.

Excitement around any film or televsion production is the norm these days, especially with advent of social media.  However, we appreciate the need to keep matters under control, in order that the production continues without anything of a detrimental nature occurring.


ESO are experts in crowd control regardless of size. We are particularly proud of how well  we work with the general public to facilitate matters and regularly receive praise from local authority officials and productions  for the level of professionalism and beyond the call of duty attutude.

The Unit Base is the heart and soul of any production these days; the central hub that every production is 100% reliant upon. Our job is to ensure the safety and security of EVERYTHING contained therein and it's smooth running within our remit. We work tirelessley in conjunction with location management, production, transport captain and facilities to ensure this to the very best of our ability.


Our staff will be onsite ahead of your base to ensure that your vehicles can gain an unobstructed access to your unit base. We fully understand how important it is to have continuity of staff on base and we will make sure this happen by keeping your base safe and secure twenty four hours a day.

We can also ensure that while on Location all your parking bays for the Technical and Unit Base vehicles are kept clear and allocated areas are kept coned for as long as required.


We will always attempt to limit the disruption to the public and realise how important it is for our Operatives to build relationships with local residents to ensure smooth running at all times.

We can supply to any production qualified Supervisors and Traffic Managers who fully understand the Production and Filming process.You will be provided with a full site risk assessment and method statement along with the support and flexibility to deal with changing briefs and schedules.


Our appointed Traffic Management Teams provide all signage, traffic systems, barriers and cones and these can be adapted to fit last minute decisions within the regulations and agreements with local authorities.


All Traffic Management Teams provided by ESO hold the appropriate public liability and professional liability insurances, tailored to the film, television and events industry.

Our close protection operatives are highly trained individuals and have the benefit of many years of experience, both in the UK and overseas in more 'hostile' locations. Our aim is to provide a secure environment with 24 hour a day security and protection for all our  VIP clients.


We fully understand that the potential risks facing each client are unique. We continuously monitor potential hazards and our risk assessments are paramount to creating a safe and dependable working environment for all of our clients.




unit base street res set assist location car pkg crowd
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